Bottesini – Concerto di Bravura (Concerto No. 3)

Bottesini’s Concerto di Bravura is perhaps the composer’s least well-known ‘concerto’ piece. It is sometimes published as ‘Concerto No. 3’, though this naming has not been widely recognised. It is, however, a full-blown concerto in three movements, originally scored for double bass and orchestra but transcribed for piano by the Bottesini himself. This dramatic work is full of operatic recitatives, virtuosic cadenzas, and beautifully singing melodies that make an excellent addition to the double bass repertoire. This new edition by Christian Ciaccio is based on an analysis of the original manuscript and the three editions already published, with an aim to create a new edition as faithful as possible to the original, which was written for a three-stringed instrument.


Difficulty: VIRTUOSO