Bottesini – Introduzione e Variazione di Carnivale di Venezia

The popular melody ‘The Carnival of Venice’ is based on a folk tune of Neopolitan origin that was originally known as ‘O Mamma, Mamma Cara’. It was first popularised in the world of classical music by violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini, who wrote a set of twenty variations on the tune. Bottesini’s version is a similar idea, starting with an original introduction before the ‘Carnival of Venice’ tune is heard in eight increasingly complex variations. The work is typical of Bottesini’s showpiece style, and is a testament to his virtuosity on the instrument. This new edition by Luis Cabrera includes suggested fingerings and bowings for the performer, and transcriptions of Bottesini’s original piano accompaniment are available in both solo and orchestral tuning.


Difficulty: VIRTUOSO