Capuzzi – Concerto for Double Bass

Giuseppe Antonio Capuzzi is all but unknown today, but in his time he was a popular composer in his native Venice. This double bass concerto, dedicated to Kavalier Marcantonio Montenigo, is the only piece by Capuzzi that is still regularly performed, and it forms an important part of the repertoire. Until now, it has often only been heard in the low tessitura as a beginner piece, but in this new edition by Lorraine Campet, the work is offered in three different versions: low D (this erosion is suitable for intermediate players), F (suitable for advanced players), and its original key of C, or high D when using solo tuning (suitable for virtuoso players). We hope that this new edition will inspire more performers to take up this charming piece in its original key.

Please note bass parts with Lorraine’s notes and fingerings are currently only available in Low D, the others are in production. If you purchase any of the other tunings you will receive a ‘clean’ part immediately, and the ‘dirty’ part will be automatically added to your account when they are released.