Dean – Lockdown Miniatures No. 3

The Lockdown Miniatures are a series of seventy short pieces written by the Australian composer Paul Dean during the Covid-19 lockdown period that commenced from March 2020. Constructed of ten sets of seven miniatures each, this third set was written for two close friends of the composer, Phoebe Alviz Russell and Bernardo Alviz, for a virtuosic double bass duo. The miniatures make use of many idiomatic techniques such as false harmonics and left hand pizzicato. Three of the miniatures have been given titles: 

No. 3 “the ghost of Igor lives in my house” 

No. 4 “with apologies and homage to Francis Scott key and Jimi Hendrix” 

No. 6 “In memoriam – Tim Brooke Taylor”



Difficulty: VIRTUOSO